In loving memory of Summerspride Baby Hope

Born to Tiffany & Romeo




I watched you being born, very early on the morning of 5th October, you were the third to be born, you was not breathing I took you from Tiffany and swung you between my legs to get the fluid from you airways and rubbed you firmly to get your breathing started you then started to breathe :-) I then placed you back with Tiffany after weighing you, 70g you weighed :-) tiny but so purfect, so precious, you fed well from your mummy Tiffany putting on weight :-) your eyes were the first to open, so purfect, your face so beautiful, so precious :-) On Tuesday 25th October late in the evening just before I went to bed I checked on you and your sisters and brother, I felt your breathing was not quite the same as the others, I took you to the vets the next day where you was given antibiotics as you had contacted the awful horrid bug (virus) Summers babies had, had the week before, which we believe someone had bought into our cattery :-( I had to start syringe feeding you KMR baby kitten milk every two hours, I could only just maintain your weight, Thursday you had lost a little weight, I kept feeding you and rehydrating you every two hours, my precious baby girl, I knew at only 3 weeks old we had a real fight on our hands, I would not give up ever!!!  On Friday morning you seemed to be worst not better, I started feeding you more often, you took so long to recover from each feed :-( you was giving up the fight :-( my heart was breaking :-( at about 8 pm Friday 28th October we as breeders made the awful decision to take you to the vets to be put to sleep as we believed you were starting to suffer, you was really having a hard job to breathe :-( we phoned the vet, he said to bring you down :-( I wrapped you in a heat pad and put you down my top between my boobs to keep you warm, I popped my shoes on at the front door, and that's where at 8.20pm you took your last breath :-((( the pain is unreal, hurts so bad, I just sat on the bed crying, with you cradled in my hands so tiny, so purfect, so precious, I am so very sorry my sweet baby girl, baby Hope that I was unable to save you, like Dinky and Paris Juliet, I tried so very hard, it was not good enough :-( so very sorry my precious baby Hope. I write this two & half weeks after your passing and the pain is still so raw, hurts so much :-( I cry every day for you :-( I will always love you and always miss you my precious baby girl, Summerspride Baby Hope. I was there when you was born, helped you take your first breath, watched you while you were sleeping, while you were feeding, watched your eyes open one by one, cuddled you, kissed you, and just loved you right from the very first second of your so very precious life,play safe baby girl at Rainbow Bridge with our lost baby bengal boys :-( untill we meet again, always in my thoughts always in my prayers, always loved my sweet baby Hope love you xxxx

Remembering our lost baby bengal boys & sadly Narla too, now adding Bella too sadly :-( always in our hearts, missed so much, always remembered & loved so much, play safe sweet angels, details in my blog


Good Bye My Beautiful Tigger :-( Feb 2007-Feb 2014 taken from us too soon :-(


Its with a very heavy heart I write this  Tigger my Beautiful moggie has gone to Rainbow Bridge :-( 
Tigger you came into my life when I was so sad just after my son left home, you filled a huge gap in my world, I have watched you blossom into a beautiful cat, I have had the plesure of watching you with Muffin your surrogate mummy your sole mate :-) in watching  you and your daddy have real special times together, you have always loved him sooo much, today 12.02.2014 you leave a huge hole in my heart, but I know every single day of you shout life it was Happy, you have always been so Loved, so well Cared for, looked after so well and been so spoilt, Love you baby boy always, you will always have a special place in my heart, play safe Tigger over the bridge baby miss you, so sorry :-((( xxx


Summerspride Jet 26.10.2009

Summerspride Precious Angel 24.05.2010

Summerspride Mystery 04.02.2011--05.02.2011

Summerspride Baby Spirit 04.02.2011--06.02.2011

Summerspride Harmony-Narla 04.02.2011-08.05.2012  sooo loved every day of her short life

Summerspride Careless Whisper-Bella 20.08.2010-07.10.2013 soooo loved every day of her short life

Summerspride Wish Upon A Star 03.07.2015-07.07.2015 play safe precious baby girl taken too soon :-(

Summerspride Star 23.12.2015-16.01.2016 you will always have a special place in my heart baby girl

Summerspride Precious Star 10.02.2016-11.02.2016 play safe baby boy find your sisters and grandad xxx

My beautiful Breeze and Storm always in my heart love you boys always xxxxx

Baby Star

Baby Star taken just too soon :-(



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