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This Page has been added for people who purchase bengal kittens from us to leave a little comment about Summerspride Bengals for other people who may or may not purchase a kitten from us :-) have a little read , Thank You .


Comment from Sinclair and Sharon who have Faith from Dream and George March 2019 

Hello Julie 
We're very happy with our new kitten from Summerspride Bengals as well as the care provided for her. She has lovely markings, is full of energy, loves to investigate as well as gets on great with our other bengal. Already they make a great pair together and we look forwards to spending many years ahead in the future with her. Regards Sinclair and Sharon 


Comment from Joan who has Ludo from Snow Kisses  March 2019

Hi Julie

For various reasons, I had thought long and hard about getting another Bengal kitten and contacted Julie at the end of summer 2018 regarding concerns and availability.  Not only was Julie expecting kittens within a few weeks but she was moving to Scotland within a few months. Serendipity. From the time Ludo (a silver charcoal boy) was born, up to and beyond picking him up, Julie has been in constant contact supplying videos and photos - and always happy to answer questions and reassure me.  I have had Ludo for just over 2 months now - he is a constant delight and a typical high energy, naughty Bengal but very clever. He has settled in extremely well with my other 2 cats (Burmese and Abyssinian) - so well in fact that it seems he has always been here. He has a superb temperament and is very friendly with everyone who visits - and is very much admired. All that is testament to the care, committment and attention that Julie has given to her breeding lines and the hard work she has put in to raise healthy, happy and sociable kittens. 

I cannot fault the love and attention that Julie gives to all her kittens, cats and new owners both before and after 'handover' day.  Would highly recommend. 



Comment from Gary Campbell who has one of Kisses bengal babies :-) November 2018

I purchased this gorgeous silver charcoal Bengal boy from Julie and Andy of Summerspride Bengals on 11/11/18. From the first time of speaking to Julie I could just tell how passionate she was about breeding Bengal cats and just how much she really cared about the type of people where her babies would be homed. I just felt this lady is the person where I should by my Storm from. From that conversation until now Julie and Andy are always on hand any time of the day or night anything that you need to know you can just call. I was given regular weekly updates, videos and photos so I always knew how he was doing. Once Storm was purchased that’s when Summerspride Bengals come into their own, their after care service is second to none, it actually feels like they’re right there with you making the settling in period effortless. Its now over a week and I’m still in contact with Julie on a regular basis as she really likes to know that her babies are ok, and also us the parents are ok as well. Storm has settled in without any problems, he is such a well bred full pedigree kitten, so loving and affectionate and that is all down to Summerspride Bengals care and attention to detail. Storm now has a big sister Nyah who even though they have only known each other a week or so they’re getting on like they have always lived together, so Summerspride Bengals kittens are well socialised and very beautiful, in due time myself and Hayley will definitely buy another one or two ????but I would urge anyone looking to purchase a kitten please choose Summerspride Bengals they’re the best choice. Thank you to Julie and Andy for everything, from Gary, Hayley, Nyah and Storm ????????


Comment from Niki and Mark who have four babies from us :-) 

Hi Julie
 Our Family is now complete !!!
I first met Julie and Andy when I enquired about the possibilities of owning a Bengal Baby bread by Summerspride Bengals and was lucky enough to have a Stunning Snow Charcoal called Indie and a perfect brown spotted / rosette Bengal called Rahni come and join our family both of whom have adorable temperaments and are maturing into stunning adults ( they will be 2, February of next year). In the last 12 weeks our family has been made complete with the addition of Loki a black smoke Bengal and Mini, Summmerspride first Silver Charcoal girl. Both of whom have settled in amazingly and despite there being 6 weeks or so between their arrival they are now inseparable.
I cannot thank Julie and Andy enough not only for always being there for advice and on going support when needed as we are new to the world of Bengals, Mark and I are honoured to be intrusted with the care of such stunning, beautiful, special little souls, who all have temperaments to die for. They are all so loving and a constant source of entertainment with there antics that they get up to together as they enjoy each others company.  
Lots of Love Always
Niki, Mark xxx 


Comment from Janis and Edward who have six bengal babies from us March 2018

Two and a half years ago we decide that we’d like a Bengal kitten.  After much searching, we found Summerspride and Julie, who is an exceptionally dedicated breeder.  Our first Bengal babies were Cloud, an amazing Silver Snow boy, and Willow, a very beautiful Brown Girl.  We fell head over heels in love with them and built a lovely friendship with Julie.

 A year later we brought our Silver boy Loki home and then a few months later, Dove who is a Silver Snow girl.  Cloud, Willow, Loki and Dove are all totally adorable – beautiful Bengals with amazing personalities, which is all due to Julie’s expertise and the sheer amount of time she puts in with all of her cats and kittens.

We thought at the time that we’d stick with four Bengal babies, but after chatting we thought we might like two more…. Yes, we’re addicted!

The two babies we wanted were a Silver Girl from Ariel and Sambuca and a Melanistic Baby from Kisses and Sambuca – this was before any pregnancies were confirmed, just our wish list! Then incredibly, Ariel and Kisses were both expecting babies and even more incredibly, Ariel had a Silver girl and Kisses had a Melanistic boy – exactly the babies we had dreamed about!  We can’t thank Julie enough for sharing their births with us, emailing as each baby was born and sending photos and videos right from the very beginning - such a special privilege.

So, we have now added Echo and Oz to our Bengal family. Echo is the most beautifully marked Silver girl with such a pretty face that she makes our hearts melt.  Oz is a Melanistic Silver Smoke boy with stunning shaded markings and an INCREDIBLE personality.  Both babies are confident, trusting, playful, friendly and totally adorable – they are a real testament to Julie’s dedication and the hours she and Andy put into all the Summerspride cats and kittens.

If you are looking for a Bengal kitten get in touch with Julie at Summerspride and then you’ll begin to understand why we now have six!

Love from Janis, Edward, Cloud, Willow, Loki, Dove, Echo and Oz xxxxxxxx


Comment from Addy and Jack who have Ariel and her snow baby Atlas Feb 2018
To Julie
“ We have two absolutely stunning cats from Julie; Ariel and her son Atlas.
They are both so sweet and gentle and have a very close bond -
not to mention how amazing they are just to look at.
Julie was extremely helpful and informative throughout the process -
she could not have done more for us. She clearly has an amazing passion for all of her cats
and it really shows through in Summerspride kittens.
We have fallen totally in love with them after just two weeks! Thank you so much Julie for our babies :) "


Addy and Jack

Ariel and Atlas

Commet from Vicky who has Spartacus from Ariel & Sambuca 2018  
 Hi Julie
As promised here’s my testimony.....
When I decided to get another Bengal kitten it had to be the right kitten from the right breeder as I already had a 6 month old Bengal. After doing our research I contacted Julie at Summerspride. We had a long thorough chat on the phone (I think she was interviewing me to make sure I was suitable to be a mummy to one of her babies!!). 
Julie was easy to chat to and her knowledge and love of Bengals very obvious. I got the green light from Julie that I had passed and could purchase one of her kittens. 
As I live on the Isle of Wight I couldn’t travel to see the kittens, so after photos and videos I decided on a beautiful silver boy ????. 
We have had Spartacus a week now and he’s settled fabulously into our family and loves his big brother. Handover of Spartacus was brilliant and I could fault Julie in her experienced and professional attitude. Julie has been a constant support and always there to offer helpful tips and advice. 
I highly recommend Julie and Summerspride to anyone like looking for a Bengal kitten. Thank you Julie 
Vicky xxx