Photo Shoot

Our photo shoot with Robert Fox
Robert Fox came to our house to take photos of our Beautiful bengals and moggies
Thank you so much Robert for taking so much time with each cat, resulting in amazing photos
Dinky and Romeo and Gem just loved all the attention  :-)  Dinky was a real poser, Romeo was a big pussy cat and Gem was a little star  :-)
Summer and Tiffany were not too sure, Tiffany didn't like the studio but posed nicely on the table for Robert.
Photos taken by Robert Fox
 Copyright Robert Fox 
Our Beautiful Bengal boys Dinky and Romeo
Our very Beautiful Dinky 
Our very Beautiful Romeo 
Our very Beautiful Summer 
Our very Beautiful Gem  who is now a CHAMPION :-) 17.09.2011 
Our very Beautiful Tiffany 
Our very Beautiful Peaches, daughter of Tiffany
Our very beautiful Lily
Our very Beautiful Ariel
 Our new stud boy Sambuca
 Sofysticats Charcoal Dream
Our Beautiful Moggies  Kiwi & Muffin & Tigger
My daughters moggie Kiwi
Photos taken by Robert Fox
All photos are the property of Robert Fox they are for my personal and private use only
copyright Robert Fox