Summers babies are 12 weeks old today

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Summers babies are 12 weeks old today
Diamond is still the most loving of the litter she loves her cuddles and to have her tummy kissed, she loves being close to Summer  :-) Diamond is going to be named Molly by her new mummy & daddy and has spent the last couple of weekends really bonding with them :-)  Sapphire has decided she likes to empty the water bowl and play with the water  :-)  she has sooo much energy its amazing, I love the way when she is tired she just wants cuddles and to be loved she gives you the most amazing Dinky kisses  :-) a little love bug at the moment  :-)  Gem just gets more beautiful with each passing day she loves her cuddles and kisses and loves to play with my hair, or mess it up  :-)  Summers girls are just amazing beautiful and purfect we love you all so much, too much, we have nearly come to the end of another baby diary, its sad but we give to our babies new mummys & daddys what we have with our Summer & Dinky and its amazing the most wounderful feeling in the whole world.  :-)

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