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On Tuesday 10th May Summer started bleeding a little after her awful ordeal, I rushed her to the vets, were we was faced with either having an emergency spay or taking on Summers treatement ourselves with the help and guidence of some very good breeder friends, Summer was given a course of 3 injections to clear her uterus of any infection & its contents and a long course of antibiotics, Summer soon recovered with our constant love and care :-) I am pleased to say Summer has now been mated again and we are waiting to see if she is pregnant :-) we so hope so :-)
We feel sooo blessed to know our bengals inside out back to front any little sign of illness we know straight away, with Summer I know her so completely, with have such a close strong bond, there is nothing quite like it, its this closeness that has helped save her uterus and made it possible to mate her again, it would have been a tragedy if Summer was not given the chance to have one more litter before we decide to have her spayed.
Summer is wrapped in cotton wool and our love to keep her safe :-)
Summer mummy & daddy love you baby girl :-) xxx

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