Tiffany & Romeos babies are 7 weeks old

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Babies are 7 weeks old :-) All doing really well :-) although Dream did have a little tummy upset after trying Darlings raw food :-(( it upset her tummy :-((  she is all better now thankfully :-) Babies are eating loads of dry food cooked chicken breast and raw food they cant get enough food and are eating us out of house and home :-) all babies were wormed this week with a Milbemax tablet and have had their nails cut again, all babies are up on the bed now :-) Harmony has started to run around and leap and jump and pounce on the other two :-) Dream has found her bengal voice :-) she is really coming out of her shell this week :-) such a little cuddle bug :-) Miracle is getting a little bully :-) a real little sweetie who loves her cuddles :-) all babies have sooo much confidence and just love people :-) its so lovely to watch them grow and develop :-) Tiffany is such a good mummy tends to her babies every needs :-) Love you all baby girls :-) xxx

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