Tiffany & Romeo babies 1 week old

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Babies are one week old  :-)
Its been a long hard week  :-( each day is very scary just in case we lose another baby :-( don't think my heart could take the loss of another :-(  the babies are doing very well putting on weight, Tiffany is being a good mummy now after the initial shock of giving birth! Today eyes are starting to open  :-)  its a beautiful experience to watch our babies grow hour by hour to watch them develop :-) I love their little fat tummies their purfect little ears ;-) its soo exciting to watch Miracle grow and develop we are not sure of her colour yet maybe a Blue Mink we have been told :-) soo exciting as soon as she is 4 weeks old we will DNA test her :-) babies stay strong keep growing into beautiful little bengals, you are all sooo very precious  :-)  Love you all  xx

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