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Baby Spirit
Baby Spirit was born breech early hours of Friday morning Feb 4th Tiffanys and Romeos very first litter together. He was the first to be born, his head was stuck inside Tiffany for 10 whole minutes :-( finally she passed him, not breathing  :-(  it took me a little while to revive him but i did, he was only 52g very very tiny :-( our smallest baby to date, he was very weak from the start from his very traumatic birth, he fed little and often from Tiffany, the vet adviced us to top him up to with baby milk, this we did and he loved it, we soon started to bond with him, he sounded just like Dinky :-) he was Dinky all over again :-) I didn't expect him to last into Saturday but he did :-) when i returned from the vets after taking Mystery, I returned home to an odd sound coming from the kittening room, I ran up the stairs it was him, baby Spirit, he was in the corner all on his own freezing cold, stone cold, I wrapped him in a heat pad and put him down my top between my boobs to warm him up, I phoned the vet who said he had gone into shock :-( it took me 6-7 hours to warm him up, we fed him sugar solution prescribed by the vet, when he was warm we put him back with Tiffany and he fed well from her, a couple of hours later he got cold again :-( so back he went down my top in between my boobs to keep warm, we gave him more sugar solution which then gave him diarrhea, I knew then he wouldn't make it  :-(((  He passed away at 4.30am Sunday morning at only 2 days old he was with his mum and sisters. the pain is just unreal, we bonded with him we will never know what colour he was, maybe a silver/snow we loved his little puffy whisker pads his purfect face, his little nose, we named him Spirit because he was born with a fighting Spirit.
RIP our baby bengal boy loved from the moment you were conceived always remembered, always loved, play safe at Rainbow Bridge with your baby brother Mystery.
The pain for me is just unreal, it hurts so bad :-( it hurt like hell when we have lost a baby at birth, which we have twice but to lose a baby a day old then a baby at 2 days old is just unbelievable.
Love you always our bengal baby boys  xxxxx
Love us all at Summerspride Bengals Julie & Andy xx

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  1. hayley

    so so so sad xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx lots of love to the other gorgeous little ones xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and tiffany xxxxxxxxxxxxx Thank you so much Hayley :-) Love Julie xx

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