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Two and a half years ago we decide that we’d like a Bengal kitten.  After much searching, we found Summerspride and Julie, who is an exceptionally dedicated breeder.  Our first Bengal babies were Cloud, an amazing Silver Snow boy, and Willow, a very beautiful Brown Girl.  We fell head over heels in love with them and built a lovely friendship with Julie.


A year later we brought our Silver boy Loki home and then a few months later, Dove who is a Silver Snow girl.  Cloud, Willow, Loki and Dove are all totally adorable – beautiful Bengals with amazing personalities, which is all due to Julie’s expertise and the sheer amount of time she puts in with all of her cats and kittens.


We thought at the time that we’d stick with four Bengal babies, but after chatting we thought we might like two more…. Yes, we’re addicted!


The two babies we wanted were a Silver Girl from Ariel and Sambuca and a Melanistic Baby from Kisses and Sambuca – this was before any pregnancies were confirmed, just our wish list! Then incredibly, Ariel and Kisses were both expecting babies and even more incredibly, Ariel had a Silver girl and Kisses had a Melanistic boy – exactly the babies we had dreamed about!  We can’t thank Julie enough for sharing their births with us, emailing as each baby was born and sending photos and videos right from the very beginning - such a special privilege.


So, we have now added Echo and Oz to our Bengal family. Echo is the most beautifully marked Silver girl with such a pretty face that she makes our hearts melt.  Oz is a Melanistic Silver Smoke boy with stunning shaded markings and an INCREDIBLE personality.  Both babies are confident, trusting, playful, friendly and totally adorable – they are a real testament to Julie’s dedication and the hours she and Andy put into all the Summerspride cats and kittens.


If you are looking for a Bengal kitten get in touch with Julie at Summerspride and then you’ll begin to understand why we now have six!


Love from Janis, Edward, Cloud, Willow, Loki, Dove, Echo and Oz xxxxxxxx

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