Kisses & Sambuca's babies seven weeks old

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Bengal babies are 7 weeks old all have grown so much this week, they have moved into the bigger room and are enjoying more space to play in. six are eatng solids one little miss Tiramisu is loving her milky so much, she has decided food isnt for her :-) she will wean in her own time, at the moment she is enjoying her milky and cuddle time, me too I must say, she is so cute, reminds me of Holly from Lily, I feed her, wind her, then she washes my face and kisses me what could possibly be cuter than that :-) all babies have the most amazing temperaments and such a beautiful litter, Kisses has been enjoying a little time away from kittens now and then but soon wants to return to her bengal babies :-) such a beautiful mummy

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