Summer & Romeos babies are 7 weeks old

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Babies are 7 weeks old just Amazing  :-)  doing sooo well  :-)  they have all had their worming tablet this weekend, Whisper was soo good at taking hers she just swallowed it  :-)  Too Funky was good toooo  :-) the other two boys really didnt like it lol  but they had to have it  :-)  Summer is starting to wean them slowly off her milk, they are eating really well, Bo Bo loves his dried food loads  :-)  they all have their favourite place to sleep  :-)  sooo cute  :-)  Too Funky is such a snuggly boy a real sweetie  :-)  Whisper is in your face 24/7 just Amazing Bo Bo is soo soft and gentle just like his dad Romeo  :-)  and Magic is a real mummys boy  sooo lovely to see  :-) Its such an Amazing experience to watch Summers babies grow, develop into purfect little bengas  Amazing  :-)
Summer mummy & daddy love you sooo much baby girl  :-)  xx

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