Breeding really sucks right now :-(

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cant believe Im writing this blog

After a few good days the worst happens yet again, checked on all babies, cleaned room, litter trays, sat down for an hour to rest, (with baby monitor) all babies sleeping, then checked on babies again, OMG Ariels heavy back leg was resting over babies chest and neck restricting babies airways, I picked baby up, baby was floopy but just just breathing, I started CPR while Andy phoned Emergency vets OMG we made a mad dash for the vets me in my pjs doing CPR all the way, baby had a faint heart beat when we arrived but sadly the vet could not bring baby back, OMG not again, there are no words to describe my pain, we have never suffered so much in all the years we have been breeding, we know breeders who have suffered like this and worst but not us. My heart is broken beyond repair right now.

Please forgive me if Im quiet for the next few days :-(

Play safe little snow baby with your brothers and sisters love me your breeder Julie xxx

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  1. Anna

    Oh no! Really sad for you x Thank you Anna, Im really sad too :-( xx

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  2. Jennifer

    I'm so, so sorry to read this Julie. It's just one of these sad situations that you could never have foreseen. Life can be so cruel at times. Another baby lost through no fault. My heart aches for you as I know how hard you are taking this. Take solace from all the babies that you have bred in the past and are giving so much joy and love to their new owners. You took them to these wonderful new homes all fit and ready. You Julie, don't forget what you have achieved with your breeding and I hope that, in time, your heart will heal a little and you can take pleasure once again from breeding. All our love at this sad time. Jennifer, Simon, Maya and Shyrah xxxx Jennifer thank you for your kind words but really almost at the end now I feel so broken :-( Love Julie xx

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