Kisses and Snowball's babies have arrived

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We are very excited to announce Snow Kisses and Snowballs babies have arrived, Kisses went into labour on Saturday morning, her first baby was breach and stuck so it was an emergency trip to the vets where little Stuart (named after the vet who delivered him) was born but sadly it was too late :-(  the next baby was also breach, born at the vets under the watchful eye of our trusted vet, in total Kisses had six babies three silver and three brown, five of which are alive and doing well at two days old, Im so proud of Kisses how she coped at the vets and during labour, she was a star :-) Kisses is being a fantastic mummy to her bengal babies who all look so much like Daddy Snowball :-)

Well done baby girl love mummy & daddy and your proud breeder Liz xxx

Play safe baby Stuart over at Rainbow Bridge xxx

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