Lily & Sambuca's babies 12 weeks old

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Babies are 12 weeks old, all crazy, Juniper is just a love bug, Noel too with the loudest of purrs, he likes to be cheeky too then Holly loves to join in :-) Holly is so affectionate washing every one who enters the room, All three kittens are so different, I wonder what Star would have been like, thinking of her lots at the mo as Lily's babies get ready to leave to go to their new homes, 2nd vaccinations today then both boys will be leaving on Sunday followed by Holly next week, gosh it will be quiet with out them, going to miss this litter loads, I have been so hands on right from day one with Star and Holly being hand reared, Lily is on constant call still, I will keep  her going for as long as I can then mate her, that will be her last litter then we will be looking for a pet home for her, with one of her kittens would be nice, she continues to be the best mummy to her babies, Love you Lily xxxx

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  1. Jennifer Allen

    Lily does so well with all her babies and is a mum par excellence. Looking forwards to your last litter Lily. Jx Thank you Jennifer :-) xx

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