Lily & Sambuca's babies 4 weeks old

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Babies are four weeks old today, they ventured out of the stirdi yesterday and now have a small area of the kitten room to explore, until they are a little bigger, Holly was the first followed by Noel  then Juniper, both boys are showing interest in food now, Holly is just loving her milky bottle :-) all babies are good weights and roughly the same weight which is good, the boys always play together which is so nice as they are both staying together, Holly will be going to live with one of Ariels babies from her last litter :-) Lily continues to be an excellent mummy to her babies, I love this age so much, 3-7 weeks is my fav age :-) litter training this week end and getting babies to eat solids :-) love my babies and Lily, thinking of Baby Star always xxxx

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