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Just wanted to update you on Star, 
I have been giving her special baby milk since last week Tuesday and she has been doing well, this morning for what ever reason she would only take 1ml instead of 4/5 ml so off to the vets we went, he suggested we tube feed, this is some thing we have never done before, the vet said it was her only hope as she will no longer feed from Lily as she thinks I'm her mummy now, the vet taught me how to tube feed and I watched lots of videos, scary stuff :-( I managed to tube feed her at 2pm the at 3.50pm she was gasping for air I rushed her to the vets where she stayed on oxygen for an hour or so, she was given antibiotic and fluids,  the vet gives her a 50/50 chance :-( she is back home and has taken a couple of feeds via the syringe, she is warm and cosy, we are praying for a miracle that she pulls through, my heart is broken right now, I'm so scared  in case she doesn't make it :-( I will give her 100% love and care please rest ashore of that. She is such a precious sweet baby girl.
Please pray for her, Love you my sweet baby girl xxxx

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