Ariel & Dream's babies 11 weeks old

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Babies are 11 weeks old, all have grown lots this week, and all now jumping over the gate when I go into the room, they have also pulled the blind down at the window twice this week, they are being very cheeky, all love their cooked chicken breast, Valentino growls when eating it as he doesnt want to share, bless him, loving watching our two charcoals grow and develop, Dream's silver boy has the clearest coat. Love Ariel's little silver snow girl she is just such a princess, all babies touch my heart in different ways. Ariel and Dream continue to be the best mummies to all 8 babies, Ariel lets Dream do all the feeding now Ariel lays on the window sill watching, Big brother Snowball has been playing with tthe babies this week, so touching to watch, he just loves them and them him, no hissing or groling, I did laugh through when 3 of the babies looked for his nipples to feed :-) on Monday all kittens will be neutered and spayed, then 2nd vaccinations the following Monday, then off to their new homes, going to miss them all lots, but always here for them and their new mummies and daddie's :-)

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