Ariel & Dream's babies 6 weeks old

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Babies are 6 weeks old, Dream's boys are huge at just under 900g sure they are our biggest to date, Ariels range from 600g - 860g they are all so chunky, all babies are eating really well and using the litter tray with no problems how clever are they :-)  its just been amazing watching them grow and develop, just love our charcoal boys,  and to think Dream is the only SILVER SNOW CHARCOAL in this country and we have bred the second one :-) feel so proud of Ariel and Dream how they care for their babies and eachother love you girls x x x

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  1. Jennifer Allen

    Big babies! Well done Dream and Ariel! You are both such good mummies. I especially love Dream's two charcoal boys and Ariels brown girls. You are all coming on so well and growing up fast. Each of your little personalities are showing now too which is lovely. Can't believe how much you have grown! Where has the time gone? I remember when you were all born and how excited we all were. It's been a privilege watching you grow and develop. Jx Thank you Jennifer xx

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