Lily & Sambuca's babies 9 weeks old

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The girls are 9 weeks old, not sure where 9 weeks have gone, they had their first vaccinations yesterday all went well, they are now up on the window sill in the kittening room, they love to run, jump and play chase games so much fun to watch, all babies are so affectionate, crave company 24/7

Lily continues to be an excellent mummy xxx

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  1. Jennifer Allen

    So glad the first vaccinations went well. Love to watch the videos of the babies playing in the kitten room with their toys- they're getting so big and it won't be long now before they go off to their new homes at 13 weeks. Jx Time goes so quick :-( but Im so lucky to have them for a whole 13 weeks :-) love every single minute :-) xx

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