Summerspride Wish Upon a Star

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It is with a very heavy heart I write this blog :-(

I have been hand rearing Dream's baby girl, Sunday afternoon to this morning (Tuesday) as she was not putting on weight the other kittens were growing she was staying the same so being pushed off the nipple by the bigger ones, I managed to syringe feed her a little and she took a bottle three times, her last feed was last night, I kept trying to feed her all night but she just wouldn't take it :-( this morning she was laying cold on her own, only just breathing, I took her in the palm of my hand a cradled her sobbing, she started to come around, the heat from my palm was warming her up :-) sadly she slowly slipped away this morning just before I had her laying on my chest while I kissed her, tears running down my cheeks :-( the pain is so bad right now, she was Dream's third baby to be born and wow did she stand out her type was so wild, she had a gorgeous head and markings now I won't get to see her grow :-( my heart breaks, sadly this is all part of breeding, we have not lost a kitten for almost three years and the pain doesn't get any easier :-(

I named her Summerspride Wish upon a Star

Play Safe Baby girl at Rainbow Bridge I love you xxx

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  1. Jennifer Allen

    Summerspride Wish Upon a Star. I said a prayer and wished you safe passage over the rainbow bridge little one, may you have lots of other little angels to play with in paradise. Such a beautiful girl whom I immediately bonded with when she was born. Thank you Julie for allowing me the privilege of listening in as the babies were being born, it was such an honour to be a part of Dreams first litter. Julie, you are such a special lady, to have lost only one kitten in 3 years is just testamount to your amazing skills as a breeder(most breeders expect to lose 1 kitten per litter). Be brave Juie, I know your heart breaks but do not doubt your ability, you did everything possible for this little one and more but sadly she just wasn't meant for this earth for very long as she was so special. RIP Summerspride Wish Upon A Star. Much love, Jennifer xx Thank you for your kind words Jennifer xx

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