Lily & Sambuca's babies have arrived :-)

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Congratulations to Lily and Sambuca on the safe arrival of 4 gorgeous baby bengals

Lily went into Labour yesterday morning, she gave birth to two babies very quick then nothing for 5 hours, then we waited and waited for the 4th one to be born, still this morning no baby although scan showed 4 kittens, so off to vets I went with Lily, she was examined and Scanned, still one baby inside alive and well, she was given a shot of Oxytocin, and a couple of hours later she delivered baby number 4, who took me a whole 30 minutes to revive, very scary :-( all babies are a good weight and look gorgeous it looks like 3 silvers, one is very very dark and one brown, not sure where the brown kitten came from when both mum and dad are Silver, will check sexes tomorrow,. Lily and babies are settled and all feeding well :-)

Well done Lily Im so proud of you baby girl thank you for allowing me to be part of some thing so amazing love you loads x x x x

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  1. Jennifer Allen

    HUGE congratulations to Lily and Sambuca not forgetting your slave mummy and daddy Julie and Andy. Thank you Julie for allowing me to share the special event. I felt so privileged to be part of something so amazing and precious. It will live long in my memory. I can still remember well my first experience of birth when Ariel had her first litter and that will always remain in a special place in my heart. Sorry the babies gave you such an anxious time but you coped so well and it just goes to prove your reputation as a dedicated, loving breeder of the wonderful Bengal cat. Lots of love, Jennifer x Jennifer it was my pleasure to share with you, thank you for helping when baby number one needed reviving loads of love me :-) xxx

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