Ariel & Sambuca's babies 8 weeks old

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Babies are 8 weeks old now, and all weighing in at 1kg and just over, cant believe Absolut is 1kg how far he has come :-) they are all very fuzzie still apart from Absolut, all very good at having their worming tablet and getting use to having their naills cut weekly, Absolut is a total love bug, always runs to me when ever I go into the room, Snowball loves to climb up my back, Spritzer is where ever Absolut is and a little lap cat right now, Malibu is a real sweetie loves his cuddles, Tequila is very cheeky, all have so much confidence, all so out going and friendly, really couldnt choose just one that stands out as they all do in their own way, loving the wild heads on the silvers, rosettes developing beautifully on all kittens. Ariel continues to be an excellent mummy :-)

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  1. Jennifer Allen

    Love seeing babies when they're in the fuzzies!

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