Ariel & Sambuca's babies 5 weeks old

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Babies are 5 weeks old, and doing well, all running about, climbing, play fighting and doing what baby bengal kittens should be doing, all using litter tray, 3 are eating food now the other two Im topping up with the bottle as Ariel only has three working nipples left, as one is sore where babies have been chewing a little with their sharp teeth, Im so enjoying watching these babies grow and develop and being part of their precious lives :-) Ariel continues to be an excellent mummy to all her babies I feel so proud of her this being her first litter. Love you baby girl xx

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  1. Jennifer Allen

    Loved seeing the video of the babies at this age. They are so adorable, I just want to take them all home with me! Loving seeing them play fighting and they're starting to get their own purrsonalities which is lovely to send. Glad most of them are on solids now nd giving poor Ariel a rest so that her sore nipple can heal. Using their litter trays at this age is sooooo good. You're one lucky cat mummy. Jx Thank you Jennifer and I know how lucky I am :-) you will be too soon I promise loads of love to you xx

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