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I know a few people are following me blog which is lovely :-) thank you

The little one we have been bottle feeding all week end is now almost holding his own, he has put on really good weight over the last couple of days, Im now just attaching him to mums nipple every couple of hours to ensure he is feeding and not being pushed off by his bigger siblings, this seems to be working :-) 

I feel so proud of myself to have managed to get him to this point its so very hard hand feeding and at such a young age with such a tiny kitten the chances were not very good for survival, it has been so scary and emotional as I was so sure we were going to lose him, I cant lose another bengal baby, we have not lost one for just over three years now, Baby Hope being the last, the pain is just so bad hurts like hell :-(

Im feeling very emotional today, every thing has caught up with me, as long as baby is ok I will be too :-)

Thank you to Lynn and Jennifer for all your support and encouragement, its been amazing, Lynn you have been so lovely with your text's thank you and Jennifer you are such a special friend thank you love Julie xx


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  1. Jennifer Allen

    Knew you'd manage to turn the baby round Julie. It was touch and go but you managed so well done. Thank you for allowing me to be part of these babies lives- I feel very honoured. awwww Jennifer you are so welcome huni loads of love Julie xxx

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