Ariel & Sambuca's babies have arrived

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Ariel & Sambuca's bengal babies have arrived and on her due date 20th November and five like I thought :-)

Ariel was amazing through labour and giving birth, and has been amazing ever since, I cant tell you how proud I am of her with this being her first litter

Ariel dilivered two snow boys followed by a brown boy followed very quickly together a silver girl then silver boy all look amazing :-) and are huge weight 95g-110g

Thank you Ariel for allowing and wanting me to be part of the most amazing experience of helping to bring your babies into the world

and thank you to Jennifer for being part of the experience on the other end of the phone, even if it was laying on the floor on loud speaker, it was so nice to share with you after you have sadly lost your precious bengal babies only a week ago. Love to you from me always xxx

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  1. Jennifer

    The babies look amazing at 8 days old. Even the snows have started to show some markings. My favourites are the silvers of course but then silvers have always been my favourites. Hope little brown boy has a big, fat tummy full of milk today. Jx Thank you lots Jennifer xx

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  2. Jennifer Allen

    The babies are coming on tremendously well and have lovel fat, milk filled little tummies. Jx Thank you Jennifer :-) xx

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  3. Jennifer Allen

    Thank you for allowing me to share Julie- I felt very privileged to have been part of such a joyous occasion. Ariel was simply super and the babies are stunning. A memory that I will cherish. Jx Jennifer you are so very welcome loads of love Julie xx

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