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This week end Sambuca attend his first adult Tica cat show at Peterborough,

He travels well, shows well, and is a dream on the show bench, he really enjoys all the fuss :-)

Saturday he was up against 16 bengals all older than him being this was his first adult show at 9 months old

he was the only silver bengal being shown, so received 1st in colour/division 8 times a Best of Bread and a third Best of Breed and a Final by Francesca Gagerm making him a CHAMPION :-)

Today Sunday there were a few less bengals showing and he received 1st in colour/division 8 times one Best of Breed three 2nd Best of Breed and two 3rd Best of Breed and one Final from Francesca Gagern.

Andy and I are so proud of Sambuca and so lucky to have him, he is a real credit to his breeder Liz at Silverstorm Bengals  :-)

Looking forward to his next show in June and his kittens this summer :-)


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