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  1. Summers babies have arrived, :-) i went to bed at and got up at 1.10am to my amazement Summer had given birth to 3 babies, i was not there :-(  Baby number 3 had just been born, she was washing it, baby number 1 & 2 were feeding, at 1.45 baby number 4 arrived, wow just amazing, Summer just wanted her mummy and daddy with her, i was rubbing her back, she was purring, at 2.15 baby number 5 arrived into the world, with a loud screem from Summer, it was just amazing watching Summers babies be born, to be part of something so very special, we thank you Summer so much for wanting us with you and im sorry was not there for baby number 1 & 2 & 3, Summer and babies are doing well, only afew hours old :-)

  2. Summer hasnt long to go now, her tummy has dropped alittle today :-) i was up every two hours through the night checking her :-) im very tired :-( the baby monitor arived this afternoon so once have worked out how to work it will put it in her room and i should get some sleep tonight :-) Summer is very hungry and just laying on the double bed in the kittening room, she is such a good girl, i check her every half hour through the day and give her a cuddle and kiss. Not long now :-)  I cant wait :-)))

  3. This morning to my surprize, the mucus plug came away from Summer, this normally happens 12 hours-7 days before labour starts, so she maybe a couple of days early, i got straight on the phone to Jacky at Purebliss to let her know and ask her advice :-) thank you Jacky, its sooo very exciting to think the kittens are nearly here, and scary too being our first litter, Summer is settled in her kittening room, laying on my warmed dressing gown on a double bed :-) spoilt little girly :-) whatever Summer wants Summer has :-) she has her mummy & daddy wrapped around her paw, right from day one :-) there is no other place i would rather be right now :-) 

  4. Yesterday at Summer had her scan, it was amazing, just amazing, i first saw this tiny head move then legs moving, 1 kitten, 2 kittens then the vet said 3, then 4 :-) then she said we have 5, you have lots of babies in there, so definately 5, WOW!!! maybe 1 or 2 others hiding, but we know at least 5, it was a wounderfull experience one i will never forget :-)
    thank you to our vets and to our precious Summer, who we love so very much x
  5. Summer is Pregnant, we are so very happy, we have waited so long to get her pregnant, now our breeding programe can begin :-) we wish to thank you Jacky & Tim for all your help and support, with out you we wouldnt have got this far, you are the nicest Bengal people anyone could ever wish to meet.