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It is with a heavy heart I write this blog

Tigger had his fortnightly check up at the vets on Tuesday 11th Feb, the vet found his cancer had now spread to his kidneys, he said we will scan him tomorrow morning under sedation to see how bad it is, I hardly slept that night so upset and worried Wednesday 12th Feb 2014 Tigger was sedated for his scan, he lay on a large piece of vet bed to have it done while I waited in the waiting room as felt very unwell with all the stress, after half an hour the vet came to talk to me, his face said it all :-( the vet said Tigger would only have two more good days then go down very fast and last about two weeks, I decided to say good bye to Tigger while he was under sedation, I kissed his Beautiful face lots told him I was sorry and to find my nan she would look after him, the vet put him to sleep while I was kissing his face................

My heart is broken right now

Tigger you came into my life just after my son left home I had this huge empty hole/gap in my world you filled it with your presence your beauty, you became best friends with Muffin my black fluffy moggie, I watched you grow and develop into the most Beautiful cat I watched you have the most Amazing relationship with your daddy,you have now left our lives at only six years old and have left a huge empty feeling that will never be filled again :-(

Miss you my baby boy always always love you always in my heart & never forgotten my beautiful Tigger xxxx

Play safe baby boy at Rainbow Bridge love you xxx

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