Summers babies are 13 weeks old today

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Summers babies are 13 weeks old today  :-) 
It has gone so quick, all babies are just amazing so beautiful, so loving, purr all the time  :-)  so happy, Summer is such a good mummy to them all. Diamond has become a right mummys girl, never far from Summer  :-)  Sapphire is just crazy  :-) but so so loving and purrs so loudly. We have been busy intergrating Gem with our other cats the last week or so as Gem is staying here she is stunning, She loves to be cuddled and kissed she is bonding very well with Dinky  :-)  Its sad as we come to the end of another baby diary, but im so proud we have achieved what we set out to do, breed the most amazing bengals with the most amazing temperaments, little love bugs that love people, love to play and love to be held and cuddled, we have done it again :-) im so so proud. Summer we love you baby love mummy & daddy xx

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