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Just though I would write a Dinky update for all of you who have followed his story, well he was neutered at 6 months of age, we waited at the vets while our vet performed the operation and we was allowed to go and see him straight after, he was all wrapped up in a heated blanket, he had one eye open we gave him a kiss and let him sleep. We then picked him up at lunch time  :-) 
Dinky is just amazing he is my world, he means everything to us here at Summerspride Bengals, he still gives you Dinky kisses theres nothing quite like a Dinky kiss  :-) he loves his cuddles  :-)  He is getting a really big boy now weighing 3.5kg when he was only 63g at birth he loves his food  :-) new pics have been added to his very own page today  :-)  He has the most amazing face I have ever seen, Summers beautiful eyes.
Mummy & Daddy love you so much Dinky xx

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