My Beautiful Tigger

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My heart has been broken beyond repair, yesterday I took my moggie Tigger to the vets as he has been a little off his food and just not himself the last couple of days, the vet could feel a lump in his tummy, so this morning I had to leave him at the vets to have scans xrays and be operated on :-( my heart breaks :-( I had to go back to the vets at 5.10pm to be told............... its not good news :-( .................  my Beautiful Tigger has terminal cancer in his bowel :-( the vet explained every thing to me, I only heard half of it as I was trying so hard not to break down at the vets, the vet said I want to see him on Friday, I left the vets not being able to breathe, crying, sobbing, Tigger came into my life when I was so very sad when my son left home Tigger helped fill a huge hole in my life, how ohh how do I ever get over not having him any more :-( he is only six years old just a baby, Andy and I are devastated :-( Love you so much my baby boy xxx

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