Summers babies are 11 weeks old

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Summers babies are 11 weeks old today  :-)  they are all amazing so beautiful, Sapphire is still the most playfull, she jumps the highest and loves to come and sit on your lap and have a cuddle, she loves to kiss you  :-)  Diamond who is going to be named Molly by her new Mummy & Daddy is the most loving she just loves her tummy kissed over & over again, she loves to be cuddled 24/7  :-) Gem has Summers amazing eyes and is fully spotted no rib baring deffinately show/breed quality, she has smaller ears and a short thick tail, she loves to kiss you and just loves her cuddles :-)  Summer is an amazing mum to her babies  :-) Summer Mummy & Daddy love you so much baby and we thank you for giving us a magical time with your babies, Gem, Sapphire & Diamond  xxx

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