Lily & Romeos babies are 10 weeks old :-)

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Babies are 10 weeks old today :-)

Babies are doing really well, they have now started to come out of the kittening room for a little while each day to get them use to house hold sounds, they have all enjoyed watching the telly :-) they have so much confidence its Amazing :-)

Holly is such a little love bug, Forget Me Not has such a cheeky way about him and a real mummys boy, loves his milk :-) Jasmine is a very big girl with Amazing rosettes and fantastic contrast she has started to become a little cheeky madame and likes to get up to bengal mischief with Holly and Forget Me Not, Zara Lillie has the most beautiful face and eyes and has become a real love bug the last few days really loving her cuddles she has started to jump just just her mummy Lily, Sweet Pea is just a total love bug loves his cuddles 24/7 he is the most layed back kitten in this litter :-) will lay on his back for hours just having his tummy rubbed :-) such a cutie :-)

Lily continues to be an excellent mummy to all of her babies, tendering to  their every need :-) love you baby girl xxx

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