Summers babies have gone to their new homes

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Summers babies have gone to their new homes now, its very sad  :-(  Heatwave went on friday, Snow Storm went sunday and Autumn Breeze and Poppy went today, its just Summer and Dinky left in the kittening room now :-(  we are very sad, it was always going to be hard, this being Summers first litter, we just gave them our all our everything and they gave so much back in return, we have had 13 amazing weeks thank you all of you babies who we just love so very much, we know you have all gone to lovely homes and will be loved and very well cared for, we choose our babies homes so carefully here at Summerspride, now is Summers time to be pampered before we breed her again later this year.

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  1. Hector Mackenzie

    Loved the adventures of Summer and Dinky and look forward to hearing of breeding progress later this year

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