Lily & Romeos babies are 3 weeks old today :-)

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Babies are 3 weeks old today :-)

Babies little teeth have come through :-) they are all now really playing lots :-) they have started to play with a little ball and a toy mouse so very cute to watch, they try to crawl really fast now and are trying to climb out of the stirdi pen :-) another week and they will have the run of the room :-) then the fun really begins :-) Babies are all putting on lots of weight :-) they are our biggest yet :-) the four big ones are over 400g at 3 weeks old :-) Holly the little one is 334g at 3 weeks which is excellent at being only 75g at birth. Lily has loads of milk for her babies :-)

Lily continues to be an excellent mummy to them all :-)

We love you baby girl so much :-) xx

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