Lily is 8 weeks pregnant :-)

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Lily is 8 weeks pregnant today and blooming :-) she is huge :-) she never stops eating :-) drinking loads too :-) I add extra water to her food now to help give her a good milk supply :-) Lily is starting to rest more now too, over the last few days babies have been moving loads and you can really see the movements under Lilys tummy :-) just Amazing then every so often you see a big kick :-) its just Amazing for me to be part of some thing so Amazing :-) wishing Lily a very safe delivery of her precious babies, must add too its been so lovely to share the excitement of Lilys pregnancy with Kathie & Andy two lovely people who placed a deposit on two of Lilys babies before they were even concieved :-) they both are as excited as me :-) Lily kisses to you both :-) xx

mummy & daddy love you baby girl :-) xxx

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