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What an awful week we have had this week :-( our beautiful Lily had an accident on Monday, we had to rush her to the vets who looked after her very well :-) back to the vets on Thurday for an xray and pain relief our poor baby girl she is now on the mend :-) Lily jumps up the door and hangs on the door frame and slides down, Monday morning the door handle dug into her tummy damaging the bottom of her sturnum :-( this will have no long term effects on her thank god, but sadly she was not able to go to show today :-( we had been very much looking forward to this.

Also this week Summerspride Angel has had surgery, due to a build up of tiny bones in his intestine :-( poor baby boy, his mummy Diane has kept me updated on his progress we wish him a speedy recovery and send loads of love to him and his family xxx

To top it all we are very sadly having two of our precious kittens returned to us on Sunday, from Summers last litter, both girls are on our rehoming page.

On a lighter note we have had one of Summers kittens Raffles here on holiday for the past week :-) he has been a delight :-) he has come back to us for the week like he has never been away :-) so very loving so very affectionate :-) we have loved having you Raffles and look forward to having you again soon :-) xx

I myself am recovering from surgery in the middle of all of this too :-(

As you can see we are always here to help :-) we offer a 24/7 aftercare service for life :-) if you want it :-) that is :-)

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