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I start this blog with tears running down my face :-(((

On Wednesday 26th October one of Tiffany & Romeos babies Summerspride Baby Hope became unwell :-( with the bug (virus) Summers babies had had last week, I rushed her to the vets where he gave her an antibiotic injection, and me some antibiotic drops to give her for a week, the vet saids because of her age only 3 weeks old she had a 50 50 chance of survival, she was too weak to feed from  Tiffany so I started to syringe feed her KMR baby milk every two hours day and night, I was unable to maintain her body weight :-( slowly she got weaker :-( I kept going hydrating her slowly feeding her, on Friday she was very weak and with each feed I thought it was going to be her last as it just took so much out of her :-( by tea time I knew she was not going to make the night :-( the pain I felt was unreal :-( Friday evening her breathing became shallow we knew the time was near :-( we made the decision to take her to the vets to have her put to sleep as we believe she was starting to suffer :-( I wrapped her in a heat pad and put her down my top to keep her warm, I put my shoes on, by the front door and thats where she took her last breath :-( we never got to the car let alone the vets :-( crying uncontrollaby Andy phoned the vet to let him know :-( the pain is unreal cant sleep cant eat, my beautiful baby girl gone :-( 3 weeks 2 days old :-( so sorry my precious baby girl there was no more I could do :-( I tried my very best to save you like Dinky and Paris Juliet, but you were so tiny so weak :-(  needed a real miracle, I tried so hard my precious baby girl.

I will always remember you my precious baby Hope, your beautiful face your beautiful eyes :-) so so sorry sweetie :-(

With all my love, always love you Summerspride Baby Hope always remembered never forgotten, play safe at Rainbow Bridge my precious baby Angel love you always  xxxx

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