Summer & Romeos babies 8 weeks old

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Babies are 8 weeks old :-)

What an awful time we have had :-( babies got a bug :-( one by one they came down with it :-( it started just before they were 7 weeks old :-( I had to hydrate them for four whole days and nights as they became very dehydrated, they had upset tummies and were being sick :-( all lost some weight :-( on Monday just gone they started to pick up and are feeling lots better now :-) its been such hard work to look after 6 poorly babies and the worry of the bug spreading to Tiffanys tiny babies :-(

Babies personalities are really starting to develop now :-) Blue is just stunning a real little leopard cat :-) Yellow is just so very loving, loves his cuddles :-) Pink like to be vocal and play with Blue :-) Cerise melts your heart away with her big eyes and cute face :-) Lilac is a real sweetie, such a beautiful face and Purple is a little love bug :-) loves her cuddles :-) all babies love to jump and climb :-) my legs have become a baby bengal scratching post :-)

Love Summer and her babies so much thank you dear God for giving me the strength to keep them going while they were poorly xx

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