Summers babies are here

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Summers babies have arrived, :-) i went to bed at and got up at 1.10am to my amazement Summer had given birth to 3 babies, i was not there :-(  Baby number 3 had just been born, she was washing it, baby number 1 & 2 were feeding, at 1.45 baby number 4 arrived, wow just amazing, Summer just wanted her mummy and daddy with her, i was rubbing her back, she was purring, at 2.15 baby number 5 arrived into the world, with a loud screem from Summer, it was just amazing watching Summers babies be born, to be part of something so very special, we thank you Summer so much for wanting us with you and im sorry was not there for baby number 1 & 2 & 3, Summer and babies are doing well, only afew hours old :-)

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