Tiffany & Romeos babies are 8 weeks old

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Babies are 8 weeks old :-) all growing sooo fast now and eating us out of house and home  :-) they have tried raw rabbit this week and love it :-)  Harmony today has jumped right over the gate :-) what ever Harmony does she is followed by the other two :-) babies eyes are really changing colour now, I so hope they will be just like Tiffanys eyes she has the most Amazing eyes :-) Miracle is a total love bug :-) I am working very hard on her as she will attend her first show in June so I want her to wow the judges :-) Dream is getting a real fat tummy this week :-) she has the most Amazing face, puffy whisker pads :-) Harmony is just like her daddy :-) Tiffany is being such a good mummy :-)
Love our baby girls sooo much :-) xxx

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