Tiffany & Romeos babies are 6 weeks old

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Babies are 6 weeks old :-) last week end we had 3 sets of people come to view our babies :-) I had cancelled two families, at the end of our interviewing we then had to decide on the best family for two of our precious babies :-) we have found such a lovely family in Laura and Adam and their girls :-) Both Harmony and Dream will be going together :-) so pleased :-)
This week babies have started to eat cooked chopped chicken breast, they are eating lots of dry food and just starting to eat raw food and pouches, they are all litter trained since 5 weeks and 2 days old :-) clever girlie's :-) babies are so very confident :-) all little cuddle bugs :-) Harmony is the most adventurous :-) followed by Dream and Miracle, today Harmony has managed to climb onto the bed little madame :-) she has been trying all week ;-) babies are very good at having their nails cut :-) Tiffany is an excellent mummy with loads of milk :-) Love our baby girls so much :-) xxx

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