Tiffany & Romeos babies sad news :-((

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On Friday evening of the 4th Feb the day the babies were born Tiffany got very distressed and started to move her babies from the birthing box that was in the sturi pen, she moved them into bed with me then into the litter tray, I moved them back into the birthing box in the sturdi pen as the litter tray was not the cleanest place for them to be and it was cold, this carried on for a few hours through the night, Tiffany being a new mum was not carrying the babies very well, I was very scared one would get damaged :-( I phoned several vets for advice, its very normal behavior for a new mum to do this, its a big shock to the system giving birth to all these babies, by I started to get upset, so locked Tiffany and all the babies in the sturdi pen for safety I then came down stairs and just cried  :-(  I was so very tired. At 7.30am I returned to the kittening room and after a little while I noticed baby number 4 was not quite right  :-(  i think Tiffany had damaged him while moving him, I can not be 100% sure though, I phoned the vets several times as he was fading fast, at 12. noon I took him to the vets, he was given fluids and glucose under the skin, his heart rate was very slow, on the way home from the vet he passed away  :-((((  he was down my top to keep warm.  the pain is unreal, to lose a baby a day old, you expect it during the birthing process but not the next day :-( so very sad, he was the biggest in the litter at 85g feeding well, we have named him Mystery as we will never know what he would have become  :-(((  our hearts breaks  :-((((
RIP  our little bengal baby boy loved from the moment you were conceived, we will always remember your short life.
RIP at Rainbow Bridge  xxx

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