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As you will know we moved to sunny Scotland two weeks ago, the cats and kittens all traveled very well and have settled very quickly and well, im pleased to say :-) I do have pet remedy plug ins in every room and im sure these have help lots :-) 

We are busy decorating at the mo, the lounge has been plastered and is being painted as I type, new furniture arrives soon, new flooring to go down this week end :-) its all coming together will take time as I have kittens to look after too and they are my main priority at all times :-) The cats seem to love their new home, they have extra space and a bengal playroom :-) The garden is larger than our old garden so the boys new cattery will be bigger and better for them too :-) so excited for it all to be finished. Will update my blog when I can so check back often :-) 

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