Kisses and George’s babies 5 weeks old

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Babies are 5 weeks old it’s been a very busy and productive week all kittens are now using the litter tray and are eating solids only a little at the mo but they are eating I’m still topping three of them up with special baby milk but they are doing well and have grown loads this past week :) feel so proud of them all and me five whole weeks now I have been feeding them through the night too I so look forward to a good nights sleep but the achievement of hand rearing thee babies is worth the sleep deprivation for those of you that follow my blog you will know I love bunny jumps welll the babies have started it early and I love bunny jumps so cute and funny to watch them love it how when I go into the room they run over to me and I sit down down and they do these little bunny jumps jump on my lap it’s so cute and the melt my heart :) they all have the loudest of purrs :) so very affectionate loving and cuddly Bengal babies ever and I love them all :) Kisses is an excellent mummy to her babies love you baby girl 

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