Breeding is bloody hard work at times

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Breeding is hard work at times its not all kitten cuddles and money you know :) after spending several nights with little sleep waiting  for kittens to be born I have then spent the last week topping up kittens as mum only has four working nipples and to start she had very little milk that means topping ap all through the night too which is very very exhausting I can tell you then some times I think what is the point I breed stunning amazing kittens give them my alll then sadly some will go 8nto homes where I never hear how they are doing or get up dates there are not many but still makes me sad, us breeders like to be updated on our Bengal babies once in a while after all we do give them our all for their first 13 weeks of life send endless updates and photos in that time too. It’s even sader when one of your kittens ends up in the wrong home where they do not get the best care that for me is just the worst thing ever I put my whole heart and sole into my breeding all my babies get the very best care I choose their new homes with them in mind not pound signs so for one to end up in a home that doesn’t carry on just receiving basic love and care I s heartbreaking and really makes me think why do I do all this ? Then I am reminded by all the lovely owners who do care and love their cats we have bred why we do it :) we love each and every one of our Bengal babies for their life not just the first 13 weeks so please bear that in mind :) if ever you need help or advice our door is always open to you ;) 

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