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For as long as I can remember, well about 5 years now :-) I have wanted to breed my own Charcoal bengal babies, we looked into purchasing one for a while before we finally found Dream named Charcoal Dream as she is my Dream :-) the first Silver Snow Charcoal bengal in the country :-) there are a few now 5 years on and a two of them bred from me too :-) being George and Indie owned by the lovely Leanne & Mark and Niki & Mark have also bred three silver Charcoals too owned by Donna & Rick, Niki & Mark and ourselves Summerspride Bengals. Its been a long journey to find the right stud boy with the right genetics to produce all Charcoals in a litter and then for him to be fertile, first came Diesel the gorgeous Diesel well he arrived with no testicles :-(  then there was Cupid who had a bad reaction to his second vaccination, then our third attempt George and a long wait for him to become fertile followed...................Our Dream has almost come true :-) so excited for what our next litters produce for us and you :-) thank you to everyone who follows my blog :-) check back often for news and updates and surprizes too :-)  Love me Julie founder and worker and slave at Summerspride Bengals 

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