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I cant advise you enough about the importance of Pet Insurance 

Yes I realise its alot of money per month well starts at about £8 pcm for a kitten and goes up to almost £30 pcm for an aging cat like Kiwi and Muffin who are plus 12 and 15 years

Pet insurance is there so if there is a health issue they will provide the fees for the amount you have insured your cat for. I understand you may not wish to take pet insurance out for your own personal reasons if this is the case then please set aside an amount per month for  vet bills that may or maynot happen for your bengal. 

If you dont  take out pet insurance because you can not afford it then please dont purchase a kitten/cat as you cant afford them either. 

Vet bills can be expensive and clause 2 and 3 in our contracts protect our kittens/cats against this.

Remember we are always here to help you and your kittens and cats should you need us we trust each and everyone of you to give the best vetaninary care love and attention to kittens we have bred from so much love and dedication. 

Just because they leave us at 13 weeks old dosent mean we stop caring.

Julie and Andy  Summerspride Bengals

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