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Excited to put up our new cat run, we have purchased an Omlet for the girls to play safely in during the warmer weather, have been looking at them for some time, excited to say it arrived yesterday and we will be putting it together at the week end. Having indoor cats its so important they have enough space to call their own and play/sleep in Bengals especialy are a high energy breed and need space to play in, we do try to educate all our new owners on what bengals are like but until you own one you really can not fully understand, they demand your attention 24/7 a good idea to have plently of toys and scratching posts for them to play/sleep on and a great idea is to have a cat wheel, to use up all that excess energy, a cat run is a luxury really but then what price do you put on the happiness of your bengal babies :-) as some of you will know we are at present looking for a new property well it has to be right for our bengals first and foremost before anything else. I have to know they are as happy as can be being indoor cats they dont have the big wide outside to roam freely in so its up to me to ensure they have enough enrichment inside their home and our cat secured garden, there are plenty of companies that will cat proof your garden for you for as little as the price of a bengal cat :-) 

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