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Sadly I feel it necessaey to repeat the importance of our contracts.

Summerspride Bengal kittens have a contract signed and agreed to prior to kittens leaving our care, due to a new owner unfortunately ignoring our terms and conditions two of our precious kittens have been put at risk, this greatly upsets us at Summerspride Bengals especially as we breed our kittens with so much love and devoted care from before conception to the time they go to their new homes and beyond. 

Please if you are not sure of any aspect of our contract please just ask, we do encourage you ask as many questions as you want before you collect your new kittens and after we are always here. 

Please remember our contracts are legally binding and there to protect each and everyone of our kittens. 

Due to this new owner choosing not to adhere to the signed agreed contracts to two precious Summerspride Bengal kittens it has really made me think do I want to carry on breeding when people some people we  sell our kittens to can not be honest. :-( 


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